Activator - Social / Economic Reforms in Managing Climate Change Transformations

Acceptance meeting with Mexico’s President Vicente Fox, John McCarthy, Director General of FONATUR and Sonora State Governor Edwardo Bours Honorable United States Senator John McCain working with Liberado on U.S. Action on Climate Change and Job Creation
Former Vice President of the United States Al Gore - Founder, The Climate Reality Project - Supporter and Donor Kamala D. Harris, United States Vice President - Supporter and Donor

Today we have global changes reflected though global warming and climate change. Our changing business model and lifestyle is seeking places we choose to work outside our cities and into rural areas. The global pandemic contributed to the change and key drivers of our social distancing and working from home.

Losing the stress and enjoining life and an environment to live, work, and play with safety and security has defined our golden prizes. When that lifestyle is coupled with tourism is becomes a further priority in Mexico and a key economic generator for job creation and revenue for the State and the Country. It provides for desirable foreign investment into the Mexican economy.

Liberado originated as a platform and extension for environmental technologies from its inception commencing from the Sonoran Sustainable Resources Institute in 1997 at Scottsdale Community College in Scottsdale Arizona. Today it has gone through a lengthy 4 step plan of implementation starting with President Fox in 2002 and the political pathway to achieve these goals.

The original intent of Liberado was to set an example for international education for the future of our planet as recognized by the United Nations Global Compact and includes now the applications of Quantum energy. We are adding over 200,000 people to this planet every day which make conscientious planned development very necessary.

Liberado was master planned for the changing market demands such as social distancing, the increase of the aging sector and demand for health services and security. The approved land use was negotiated for flexibility with the State Government in 2004.