Our Donations and Charity include The Climate Reality Project for Global repair.

Los Rosales – Our land donation contributed for affordable homes.

The land for the town of Los Rosales for 5,000 homes is proposed as a contribution to the Government for the people and workforce to keep the cost of living low and affordable.

All share a Quality of Secured Life, Surroundings, Stable Jobs and Sustainable Housing where People Work, Shop and Play.

It all starts with the people. Los Rosales was designed as illustrated here as an Agrihood respecting the active working people of Liberado. It promotes quality of a secured life, surroundings, stable jobs, and sustainable housing where they work, shop and play.

This project has been recognized by the United Nations Global Compact as a model for future global development as well as the Mexican Government. The land for the town and 5,000 homes is donated as a contribution to the Government to keep the cost of living low and affordable. It provides land donated for a new health clinic, a location for children of special needs and additional schools.

The Los Rosales homes are developed as an Agrihood where each home can cultivate their own individual organic food garden for a healthy diet. Food waste is captured for composting… and the cycle repeats. This feeds the inhabitants with healthy food choices and educates the children. It provides an addition source of income to market their own organic produce in the farmers market in the town square to all the inhabitants of Liberado. Local restaurants can contract with local specialty growers in Los Rosales.

Since 2005 the developers supported local humanitarian causes funded through their nonprofit organization. These included a town clean up drive, donation of a town firetruck, graded the new baseball field, donation of computers to the new high school, financial donations to the grade school and the local free clinic. The developer promoted others to follow suit and donate a new school bus and the several palapas constructed along the local beach for the local residents and their families use consistently.