Liberado is just 110 miles as the crow flies from the US/Mexican border. It provides newly constructed modern access roads and some newer inexpensive toll roads. The new Coast Highway was completed in 2010 and the repavement through Liberado was completed again in 2021. This scenic drive is not only near the US border but provides a surprisingly and exceptionally beautiful peaceful drive. It is part of that special travel experience in and of itself.

Air travel is available to the nearby adjacent International Airports in Hermosillo or Puerto Penasco. The existing 6,600 ft. airport adjacent to Liberado can receive private and commercial 737 jets is currently under rehabilitation. It was announced June 2019 for an expansion into a Tourism airport. Maritime travel is direct and the friendly local townsmen are available to assist in fueling your boat and direct you to the many local restaurants and small hotels.

Considering everything related in air travel we found it quicker and more enjoyable in many instances to simply drive and enjoy the reduction in group travel costs with your friends and families and no rental car is needed. Take your pets with you with their medical papers for border crossing. Arrive and leave at your leisure without stress and pressures.