Mystical Energy

Peace, Harmony, Tranquility, Balance, and that certain indescribable feeling of well-being. A commonality of people visiting Liberado is their noted experience of feeling that certain indescribable Energy. Then we discovered the “Ley Line” map of our Earth’s Energy Grid which gave us one explanation. It was not necessarily the Energy Geodes or Crystals discovered in the mountains and valleys on the property but something more profound. Moreover, we also discover that the Great Pyramids of Egypt located in Gizah are also located in our earths vortex energy grid system.

Viewing the photos of the land is one thing however the experience of feeling the energy is quite different.

There are a plethora of energy followers, worshipers and students around the world searching for that special place that creates better moods, balances, and energies that can help with meditation, stress, and decision-making and a safe place they can call Home. We share that feeling and that keeps us here and when we do leave we look forward to returning Home to freedom - Liberado.