Our Merchant Builder Program at Liberado was professionally Master Planned and developed to support qualified merchant builders through the sale of bulk parcels and also through individual lot sales. The land development parcels are for sale or available for qualified Joint Venture partners.

Part of the requirements to qualify are to follow our Master Building Architectural Control Guidelines, Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions, and Environmental Control Guidelines. They require proper submission and development approval through the Liberado review committee.

Through the years special permitting approvals have been developed to expedite the permitting process for the merchant builders. Topographical mapping has been completed and available along with bathymetric studies fronting the Sea of Cortez. In addition the developers have been provided a $300 Million Construction and Take Out letter to assist in financing qualified builders and developers.

There are multiple land studies completed. The studies include various land uses from 100-acre vineyard zones for scenic Tuscany vineyards to major corporate centers. Smaller lot subdivisions for mid-range, retirement and affordable homes are currently being planned for the upcoming lot sale program with developer financing. See the land use.

The Montecito 21 Unit Condos for Sale or Joint Venture

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