Medical Peace of Mind:

Liberado enjoys the town of Puerto Libertad 4.5 miles south of Liberado’s security monitored property. The town already has established medical care services, pharmacies, an urgent care facility, a free clinic and local seasoned doctors. A new ambulance was recently contributed to the town and the new hospital site work has been completed and under construction by the State of Sonora.

Any potential power outages are now mitigated with the recent completion of the largest clean air solar field in Latin America adjacent to the CFE Government Power plant.

Rapid construction is underway on this “State of the Art” new hospital in preparation for new residences. As the project nears completion it has been built with heavily engineered permanent concrete construction.

Equipping itself and expanding to now service any age group or retiree with affordable care. This is a recent photo under construction.

Liberado has a commitment from internationally renowned Dr. Richard L. Jacobson, leading a team of talented MD's, ENT's, Maxillofacial, Reconstructive and Plastic Surgeons from Stanford, UCLA and USC.




His plans are underway to build a boutique Medical Treatment Facility and Surgery Center with bungalow recovery units.

The medical center will also include his extension of a state of the art stem cell facility and research center in Mexico.

Photograph shows Dr. Jacobson (who is also planning to build his home at Liberado) with Francesca Keck (Keck School of Medicine, USC) standing on the Liberado Medical Center Site. An air ambulance site is planned for any special needs.

Liberado has made arrangements with SkyMed as an option for those concerned about medical treatment in Mexico. SkyMed provides emergency membership care to their international home or hospital of choice by whatever transport is required.