We developed a 4 Step energy plan to combat Global Warming. Education and awareness are just part of the solution however doing something about it is yet another thing as the world searches for solutions to the biggest threat to our children’s future and our search for immediate answers.

Our First Step in Action:

We started with our effort in Global Awareness. Liberado has been very much an active part of the global environmental movement and an advisor to Lawrence Bender’s “An Inconvenient Truth” with Vice President Al Gore. Many believe that Global Warming is real and growing daily. Despite the scoffs in 2005 our land planners were given direction to plan for a 3 foot ocean rise. The filming location was moved from New Orleans to Hollywood due to Katrina.

Climate change with a preponderance of hurricanes and fires has become impossible to ignore. The basis of living in peace and security has been grossly compromised in so many areas globally today and causes pause to financial lenders, insurance companies, businesses and residents collectively. The question to rebuild with the uncertainty of next year’s weather or the year after remains unanswered.Major institutional reports now address investment in asset protection based on climate change and confusion remains.

The honest result of this films educational effort is the carbon pollution has almost doubled globally.

Our Second Step in Action:

We presented clean energy alternatives to CFE the Mexican Government Power company on initial ways to change over to alternative energies. We met with presentations with CFE’s Director General Elias Ayub where we included our contracted medical report to substantiate the health effects that the now past plume smoke had on their employees and to our environment. We are proud of our accomplishments. Our philosophy is to not just talk about it but do something about it and get results. CFE presented us with their “Will Serve” energy supply confirmation.

This second step was to influence CFE The Mexican Power Company to switch from polluting fuel oil to natural gas adjacent to Liberado. Today it is now a different environment and provides pristine air quality. Perhaps one of finest air quality locations you can find anywhere in the world with vistas for over 50 miles. The land and environment became naturally vibrant again, the desert foliage returned back to normal and the ocean now shimmers again. At night, a festival of shooting stars and romantic moonlight is common.


Our Third Step in Action:

Now the free energy of nature is used in the form of free photons from the sun. Adjacent to Liberado in this recent photo shows one of our investors that developed one of Latin America’s largest solar plants now operating in Sonora. With over 1.2 million panels, the 405-megawatt plant generates enough power for over half a million Mexican homes.


Our Fourth Step in Action:

Quantum Mechanics has now become widely accepted and an emerging science with grant funds now provided to universities, by our government and private parties. Quantum computing has been around for years. Qubits and Artificial Intelligence (AI) advance daily. This new yet old form of science also applies to capturing quantum energy. Patents and university studies are now completed and this will arrive in 2023. It will provide green energy 24/7/365 using our quantum universe as its’ source of energy. It will contribute to turning around the devastation we are experiencing now by going back to the origins of nature. This is running at a feverish pace and the stakes can’t be bigger. It remains a highly contested and an ongoing discussion but necessary for our children.


We are a proud financial supporter of The Climate Reality Project and drawing on the power of Hollywood and Political focus for our children and our world’s future. This is all part of our work with the United Nations Global Compact.

As we are now experiencing this environmental shift we focus on what is most important today. Mother Nature always wins. Please join us in this ongoing effort.