Liberado is destined to be the Sports and Entertainment Mecca of Mexico with its security, great weather and close proximity to the US border. Sports is one great unifier of the world. As a favorite of the Mexican Government this generates business, employment and enjoyment. It creates “Tourism on Steroids” in that special high intensity zone in that part of the overall plan. The Liberado equestrian area is planned for Bull Riding to Polo events with two majestic hilltop arenas.

Road sports has already started with the sponsored Monster “drink” off-road race to the finish line party at adjacent Puerto Libertad this year.

Liberado is being further designed for marathon events, bicycle racing, sand beach volleyball and other health related sports events. Because of the unique landforms of Liberado, entertainment will include fun zip lines to ocean waterslides into the Sea of Cortez.

View the natural landform where the Ocean Oasis Amphitheater and festivals will reside. Oasis Amphitheater and festivals will reside.

Arrive at the Monaco of the Americas Formula E Racing at Liberado!