Security, Security, Security and Security

Security today is now more critically important than ever. The 72 square miles of Liberado is surrounded by monitored security fencing. The new entry security is managed with strict controls similar to that of the US/Mexican Border entry. Liberado maintains their own security guards and vehicles. Security clearance is required for all entering into the world of Liberado. This security entry is located off of newer Coast Highway as planned in 2004 and is approximately 6.5 miles inland miles inland from the shores of Liberado.

Security is one purpose and part of the Master Association fee. Guests will be required to pay an entry fee similar to a National Park fee that is inclusive of an environmental fee for management of waste and site beautification and maintenance.

Liberado was always planned as a safe place to come home to focusing on security, health and medical for the visitors and inhabitants. Starting with an unconventional planning approach, Liberado selected 4 major international land planning firms with notable talent that worked in concert to produce a sound experience. The main comment continually expressed is the developments excellent planning.

Liberado was honored and requested by the United Nations Global Compact to present at the United Nations for how to integrate and execute development planning, incorporating our forward-thinking employee village called Los Rosales and Agrihoods. Security commences with the harmonious relationship with all the inhabitants where permanent local work is always maintained. Searching for a mission statement and sound core philosophy, Liberado adopted One Planet Living Guiding Principles.


Communications Security

Starlink is at Liberado! and produces the world's fastest telecommunication speeds at the highest capacity and with more data. We now provide the benefits of quality high-speed Internet service to families and businesses. With this global access you can sit in your home, office, boat or RV, on our shorelines or on our mountain tops and work and play independently in peace in nature.

Portability is an add-on feature for all Starlink customers. Portability enables customers to temporarily move their Starlink to new locations and receive high-speed internet anywhere in Liberado or on the Sea of Cortez.

With new choices of the latest technology such as Ring in addition to our site security and medical alert systems the best choices in the world are available at Liberado.


Access Security

Following the suggestions by these major land planners, the Coast Highway (Carretera Costera) was designed and located by our engineers. In field survey modification and land donation was paid for by Liberado.

This regional plan was donated to the State of Sonora in 2004 and the Government funded and completed construction through Liberado by 2010. Planning was based on security as part of the larger master land plan, consisting of 72 square miles with 3 mountain ridges. Liberado's entry road survey and construction engineering plans have been completed. The construction permit was issued.


Maritime Security

Liberado enjoys Government Security on our land and coastline. 3 miles south of Liberado is the Mexican Marines and Naval station that also serves as key protection for the CFE Power Plant. They are joined by both the local State and Federal Police with intense 24 hour security coverage.

They continually survey our beaches and our coastline of Liberado from our land, sea, and air.


With any suspicious activity, they are not hesitant to immediately launch their fully equipped speed boats, Navy Ship and Helicopters giving our residents peace of mind.

The community has been referred to as the safest place in all of Mexico.

Medical Security

Puerto Libertad provides medical care services, a pharmacy, and an urgent care facility until the new medical centers are completed at Liberado. A new ambulance was delivered by the State to the town's urgent care facility. The town's new hospital development work is nearing completion. Liberado is reviewing proposals from boutique medical facilities to large medical hospitals.

Liberado enjoys the established adjacent fishing village of Puerto Libertad, where the natural gas and solar field and clean air CFE energy plant is located. Fresh fish, scallops and shrimp are a daily norm. The largest Solar field in all of Mexico has been completed adjacent to Liberado.



Weather Security

Weather Security is perhaps THE most important if you believe in global warming or not. Liberado is free from the devastations from fires, floods, tsunamis, and hurricane damage.

Our location was originally selected in 2002 to avoid the extreme and unpredictable growing threats of Mother Nature. Natural protection is provided by the Baja Peninsula, about 100 miles across the Sea of Cortez from Liberado. Historically this provides the immunity from hurricanes and ocean damage. The Sea of Cortez is a calm ocean and on often occasions resembles that of a peaceful mirrored lake. The year-round air quality is the finest in the world which creates this vibrant environmentally fresh clarity. It is the World's Most Exclusive Development.

Wettest desert

The Sonoran Desert stretches across parts of Arizona and California, USA into the states of Sonora and Baja California, Mexico.

It’s annual rainfall ranges from 76-500 mm (2.9-19.6 in) across different regions of the desert.

An unusual feature of the Sonoran Desert is its bimodal rainfall pattern (i.e. two wet seasons; one from December until March and another from July to August).

Liberado has earned "The Most Exclusive Development in the World"