Who We Are and Our Purpose:

Liberado was founded on the principles of being a unique leader, different and exciting and establishing a healthy social/economic model for a future global platform example. As such, we have been invited to speak and present at the United Nations through the United Nations Global Compact.

Liberado is a life choice and a living experience in a peaceful secure lifestyle for everyone. We follow the philosophy of One Planet Living. Liberado is a comfortable place where you can live, work and play. We are a dedicated group of seasoned institutional guys that developed Liberado as this global model for all countries.

We commenced the project in 2002 working hand in hand with the Mexican Government and large specialty companies who share the same vision that chose to be a part of our mission. Other developers and researchers are invited to actively learn from our ongoing work and some countries have already started.

Liberado is based on security, medical, sports, music, art, history, and entertainment. It satisfies our cost of living, job creation and a philosophy that people of all income levels can enjoy a healthy quality of life.

Our Mission:

To apply global discoveries in sustainable progressive education founded on new and old technologies that are applied in a safe and respected social/economic community.

Our Vision and Goals:

Follow One Planet Living Guiding Principles and support the United Nations Global Compact.

Provide a platform for education and the manifestation of evolving technologies.

Move from Conversation to Application.

Enjoy respect, satisfaction, and happiness though the fulfilment of what we do.

Savor team accomplishments through joining mutual aligned philosophies.

Provide transformable festivals for music, art, entertainment, fashion, and sports.

Provide our inhabitants a joyful and extraordinary life.

Establish land for donation for affordable housing, education and special care needs.

Provide a proud legacy for our children in helping their planet.