Integrating the strong demand for horse property which replaces the Scottsdales of yesteryear before housing tracts took over. Where else in the world can you obtain such a variety of well-planned secure equestrian property to fit your desired needs. Land and security is something Liberado does have and a lot of dedicated open space. Want to ride on the beach or a horse trail?

Or how about the ultimate in equestrian ocean view living? The heart of this section of Liberado also provides sports and entertainment events. Liberado has planned two open arenas for live horse sports and entertainment events from bull riding to Polo to horse shows.

Two other arenas have also been planned in one of our private secluded canyons. Overlooking from this equestrian ocean view mesa is the planned Big Horn Safari Club and the Private Polo Summit Club with planned restaurants and hotels. Do you need equestrian pampering while you are away?

Plans have been presented for the special equestrian management and care services. Don’t have a horse? Part of the equestrian plan is to supply you or your children and friends a horse and riding lessons.